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Vision Statement

* manage & control the growth in Sebastian

*Stop the reckless poisoning of our water, wetlands, waterways & ecosystems  with toxic hebasides

* Implement a system of communication so that public input is an integral part of the discussions at City Council meetings

*Bring in a city Council that will welcome transparency and directness. Employing management which acts from a basis of inclusive partnership with it's citizens & organizations.

With your vote, we can

* STOP the self serving mismanaged actions , projects, agreements, and clandestine deals run by current city council members

* STOP a city council which has ignored the public input on annexation , has failed tp protect our water quality, has participated in closed door decisions & opened the door for uncontrolled growth, promoting urban sprawl.

With your vote THESE candidates will Take back Sebastian




WE are ready to

* implement & manage guided growth to protect our waters, & bring transparency into our government deliberations. Opening Council to REAL public input & participation

* Review, examine, & analyze all proposed projects to ensure safety and well being of our small town  & ecosystem. 

* Bring skills, expertise & training to work with & for the citizens of Sebastian to maintain its historical characteristics, beauty, & assets

Small local business

Will be protected and supported.


Why were the citizens not involved in this serious decision? Punta Gorda  did it right.

Streetscape Rendering     Master Plan - Lower Density Concept

In order to respond to growing concerns regarding the economic and fiscal sustainability of the city given its current tax base, job growth, demographics, and neighboring planned developments,